when do we use rib and block

When do you use Rib and Block systems?

When is the best setup to use rib and block to do cement floor installations?

The Pro Rib and Block system consist of pre-stressed Ribs and hollow-core Blocks. They are then populated with Y-10 rebar and Ref100Mesh. All re-inforcing steel & mesh requirements are calculated as per the engineer’s bending schedule.

When you are doing a basement floor. Pro Rib and Block is your quickest installation from start to finish and for anything from the first floor up.

Why use Rib and Block?

Pro Rib and Block systems make adding a floor quicker and easier because of the hollow-core blocks that make filling up with concrete more efficient on concrete used, making the floor lighter in weight, and setting time for the concrete is decreased dramatically. It is surely one of the best ways to get floors added to old existing structures or brand new builds.

Who uses Rib and Block?

It is not just for professional construction sites on big buildings. It makes getting an addition to your home a lot cheaper and quicker than it used to take in the old days. It can be used in concrete floor installations on small house additions and up to the biggest mall floor installations. It is really one of the most versatile concrete flooring options currently on the market.