Rib and Block Floor Slabs Advantages

Rib and Block Floor Slabs Advantages

There are two major advantages of using the rib and block concrete slabs system

Use of Rib and Block floor slabs eliminates soffit shuttering

Soffit Formwork is basically a mold in which the wet concrete is poured in order to get the desired shape. It is specially made from materials like timber, steel, fiber, plastic or plywood based on the requirements of the design, type of structure, budget or usability. The basic requirement of such a mould made from any material should be strong enough to withstand heavy load, joints should be able to prevent leakages and should not damage concrete. This makes it a tedious building process.
With the Rib and Block concrete slabs system a lot of time is saved in setup and producing slab floors, saving .


Rib and Block floor slabs requires minimal support during the building process

In the production of a concrete floors the rule of thumb is always less weight vs textile strength. When casting a Soffit Formwork floor it is normally very heavy in comparison to its rib and block competitor. Less weight means less supporting structures meaning less overall building material.

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